The Ultimate UK Sweet Hamper

The Ultimate UK Sweet Hamper

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The Ultimate UK Sweet Hamper contains the following 32 items: 

UK Sweets standard Hamper contains the following:

1 x Bag Liquorice Allsorts

1 x Strawberry Millions

1 x Wham Bar

1 x Double Dip

1 x Jelly Baby Bags

1 x Blackpool Rock Mint

1 x Blackpool Rock Fruit

1 x Blackpool Dummy

1 x Dib Dab 

1 x Mega Drumstock Lolly

1 x Mega Double Lolly

1 x Lemon Refresher Bar

1 x Strawberry Refresher Bar

1 x Fruit-tella Strawberry

1 x Fruit-tella Blackcurrant 

1 x Drumstick

1 x Black Jacks

1 x Fruit Salads

1 x Love Hearts 

1 x Mint Polo

1 x Jelly Tots

1 x Tooty Frooties

1 x Sherbet Fountain

1 x Refreshers 

1 x Strawberry Chewits

1 x Orange Chewits

1 x Blackcurrant Chweits

1 x Cola Chewits

1 x Fruit Salad Chewits

1 x Wine Gums

1 x Fruit Pastilles

1 x Fruit Gums

Please note - By any chance were out of stock of any product, we will substitute it for the same equivalent value! We try our best to have all the pictured stock in the hamper. Were very Sorry in advance