The Ultimate Chocolate Hamper

The Ultimate Chocolate Hamper

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The Ultimate Chocolate Hamper contains 32 bars of chocolate including the following: 

1 x Galaxy Bar Large

1 x Galaxy Bar Small

1 x Galaxy Caramel Bar Small

1 x Galaxy Ripple

1 x Munchies

1 x Fry's Peppermint

1 x Fry's Chocolate Cream

1 x Yorkie Bar

1 x Yorkie Biscuit and Raison

1 x Toffee Crisp

1 x Star Bar

1 x Double Decker

1 x Daim 

1 x Bag of Milky Way Magic Stars

1 x Walnut Whip

1 x Wispa

1 x Wispa Gold

1 x Rolo

1 x Bag Galaxy Minstrels 

1 x Drifter

1 x Chomp

1 x Cadburys Buttons

1 x After Eights 

1 x Bag of Revels

1 x Milky Way Crispy Rolls

1 x Lion Bar

1 x Topic

1 x Cadbury Fudge

1 x Caramac 

1 X Cadburys Dairy Milk

1 x Terrys Chocolate Orange Bar

1 x Bag of Maltesers Buttons

Please note - By any chance were out of stock of any product, we will substitute it for the same equivalent value! We try our best to have all the pictured stock in the hamper. Were very Sorry in advance